“Zivar Parvin” acid attack victim

“Zivar Parvin” acid attack victim

Acid tragedy in Iran


Who can believe the two images in this photo belong to the same person? One beautiful and smiling ?and another malformed as burnt in acid

On Eighteenth of July, 1390, “Zivar Parvin”, a 37-years-old mother and her 18-years-old daughter”Yasry” were victims of acid attack while sleeping next to each other in the middle of the night in a coordinated act between her husband, brother and brother in law when he threw acid on her and her daughter. The wounds caused by acid attack were so deep and hurtful on Yasra that she could not stand it and died after 18 days.

Zivar who was a widow had rejected her married brother in law several times as she had decided to spend rest of her life with her kids after her husband died. Yasra which was newly engaged was getting ready to get married. Her finance had decided to help with the situation of her family after they get married. The night she was attacked, she was dreaming of her new home but Zivar’s brother in law’s fire of lust and prejudice burnt her and her family’s lives into ashes. Yasra is no more among us. And Zivar has gone through several rounds of surgeries. Despite all plastic surgeries, most of her nose and eyelids are burnt and malformed by acid. Zivar is blind for the rest of her life on her left eye as its tissues being completely removed and emptied. She is hopeful that she can regain her eye sight on her right eye and breathing through her nose by being accommodated with medical expertise only available outside of Iran.

In this condition, Zivar’s in laws threaten her that they will take away her sons knowing she has difficulty parenting them while blind. It has been a long time since anyone has cared for her living condition and her situation. She is forgotten like many other acid attack victims. It is on us to not to leave Zivar and her children alone in such a difficult situation.

Even though governments do not take responsibility for those like Zivar, we people should help them with their and their families & children’s pain .

This week is her week. It is Zivar’s turn to receive our messages of empathy and support, letting her knows that we have not forgotten her.


Rezvan Moghaddam

2 thoughts on ““Zivar Parvin” acid attack victim

  1. Zivar Parvin,

    I hope many more people around the world know your name soon. I found out about your situation from a photo of you by Asghar Khamesh, which just won a prize as a Picture of the Year in the New York Times.

    I think you are an incredibly courageous woman to have survived both the attack and the death of your daughter. The world will now see this horror, and hopefully the Iranian government and society will be inspired to spare no expense to punish the attacker, your brother-in-law. Your courage in showing the world what has happened to you will inspire people who see your face to fight injustice, in whatever form it takes.

    In many ways, you are more beautiful now than before this happened.

    Hailey, Idaho, USA


    • Dear Elizabeth,Thank you very much for your sympathy with Zivar. it is good that Asghar Khamesh won a prize ,because had a picture from Zivar.But who care about zivar?I konw that how difficult is her life.
      Rezvan Moghaddam


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